Boiler Installation and Maintenance for Your Home: Five Top Tips

Technician repairing combi Gas Boiler

As temperatures drop, we rely on our boiler functioning well to keep us warm throughout the winter months. To ensure your boiler remains in top condition our latest blog focuses on five essential boiler tips.

1. Ensure Yearly Boiler Servicing

Scheduling an annual boiler service performed by a Gas Safe engineer is essential in ensuring that your boiler is functioning as good as it should be. One of our qualified engineers can ensure your boiler is in optimal condition, addressing potential issues early on that will save you down the line. Regular servicing is not only a requirement in most boiler warranty requirements and legal obligations for landlords but also saves money on future repairs and energy bills.

2. Prevent Pipes Freezing

Frozen pipes can block the boiler system, causing pressure build-up. To avoid this, keep pipes at a consistent temperature. Regular use of your heating, especially during colder months, can prevent freezing pipes and maintain efficient boiler performance.

3. Check Ventilation Regularly

Ensure proper ventilation around your boiler by keeping the area clutter-free. If your boiler is in a cupboard, make sure it has adequate space. Proper ventilation contributes to the overall safety and efficiency of your boiler.

4. Bleed Your Radiators

If radiators aren’t heating up, it could indicate an issue with your boiler. Bleeding your radiator removes compressed air, which is stopping your boiler performing at its best.

Maintaining the correct pressure for your boiler is crucial; too high and it may leak, too low and it won’t work as efficiently.

5. Clean Out Your Boiler’s Sludge Build-Up

Over time, sludge build-up can occur due to rust, limescale, and dust in boiler pipes. Combat this by installing a magnetic filter on your boiler system pipes which picks up and removes sludge.

Alternatively, installing a central heating inhibitor acts as a protective coating against any build up.

Older boiler systems that have not been maintained may benefit from what is known as power flushing, which cleanses the boiler of years of build-up.


At BFS, our dedicated team of highly trained gas engineers is ready to assist with installation, repair, and maintenance of all gas, oil, or atmospheric boilers. Additionally, we offer regular maintenance and emergency services for your peace of mind.

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