A guide to drainage systems for your business


Having an effective drainage system in place is important for UK businesses of all sizes for a whole host of reasons, from preventing flooding within commercial buildings to ensuring hygiene and sanitation standards are upheld.

In order to keep your drainage working effectively, it’s important that you have the right system in place for your building and ensure that it’s serviced regularly by a professional.

So, if you’re looking for commercial drainage solutions, this guide from the team at BFS will provide you with expert installation and maintenance advice.


What are the best types of commercial drainage systems?

Sustainable Drainage System

Sustainable drainage is becoming increasingly popular here in the UK because it’s much kinder to the planet.

SuDS, as this type of drainage is known, involves managing surface water sustainably by mimicking natural drainage processes to manage rainfall and reduce the risk of flooding, erosion and pollution.


Gravity Drainage System

As the name suggests, a gravity drainage system uses gravity to remove wastewater from commercial buildings and transfer it to the main sewer system.

Its popularity is largely down to the fact that it tends to be a cost-effective way of managing wastewater. While these systems are often reliable, regular maintenance is important to ensure they function properly in the long-term.


Pumped Drainage System

A pumped drainage system is necessary when the building is located in an area with low elevation, or when the sewer line is located at a higher elevation than the building’s drainage system

It utilises pumps to move wastewater and other liquids from a lower elevation to a higher elevation or to a location where it can be treated or disposed of.

This system is particularly common in large commercial properties such as shopping centres, office buildings, and hospitals, where large volumes of wastewater are generated and require efficient removal.

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the pumps work effectively and to prevent blockages.


Grease Traps

A grease trap is an important drainage system for hospitality businesses with a commercial kitchen or food preparation facility on the premises as it captures fats, oils and grease.

By capturing fats, oils and grease, this system allows water to flow into the main sewage line. You guessed it, regular maintenance of this kind of system is vital.


Why regular servicing with BFS plumbers is important

Complying with regulations

When it comes to commercial systems, the UK has strict building, health and safety, and environmental regulations in place that must be complied with.

Fortunately, the BFS team is made up of fully qualified plumbers that are on hand to provide support to help ensure that your system is fully compliant with these regulations.


Preventing blockages

Getting your commercial drainage system serviced regularly by one of our plumbers is important for preventing blockages.

Regular maintenance allows plumbers to identify and fix potential problems before they become major issues such as identifying leaks, cracks, or other damage to pipes or fittings that can lead to blockages over time.

It also provides plumbers with an opportunity to clean the pipes, which will clear debris and other build-up.


Quality assured

No matter which drainage solution your business requires, from a full design and install through to preventing blockages, BFS can provide professional and certified local plumbers, with national reach to help.

Our team have the knowledge and experience to carry out high-quality work on your commercial drainage system. This ensures that the work is completed to a high standard, which will help to reduce the risk of future problems.


Peace of mind

By using one of our plumbers to service your commercial drainage system, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your system is working efficiently, and any potential problems have been addressed.

If you’d like to find out more about our plumbing services, get in touch today.

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